What is a leave of absence?

Students wishing to apply for a one-semester Leave of Absence should contact the Office of Academic Advising and fill out an application.

The following conditions apply to all students who are granted a Leave of Absence for personal or medical reasons:

  • The term of a Leave of Absence is one semester. Students granted Leave of Absence will be carried on the Gettysburg roster during the time specified for the leave. Provided the student meets the deadlines noted below, s/he remains eligible to apply for Financial Aid, Housing, and Course Registration while on leave.
  • A student who has been granted a Leave of Absence must notify in writing the Office of Academic Advising of his/her desire to return to the College no later than June 1 for the Fall semester and November 1 for the Spring semester. Only students who meet these deadlines will be sent information about Pre-registration, Housing, and Financial Aid.
  • A student who does not notify the College of his/her intent to return to the College from a Leave of Absence by June 1 for the Fall semester or by November 1 for the Spring semester will be withdrawn from the College at the end of the period granted for the leave. To be readmitted after being withdrawn, the student must apply to the Academic Standing Committee. Applications for readmission are available from the Office of Academic Advising.
  • The College retains the student's Security Deposit.
  • Financial Aid: The student must meet the priority application deadlines of April 15 for the fall semester and October 15 for the spring semester in order to be considered for financial aid when s/he returns. How To Apply information for readmitted/reinstated students can be found on the College website under Scholarships and Aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office (717-337-6611) if you have questions or concerns.
  • Grace period for loans: When a student drops to less than half-time enrollment, a six month grace period is available for Federal Stafford Loans and some alternative/private education loans.  Repayment of Gettysburg College Loans will begin the month following the drop to less than half-time enrollment.
  • Housing: The student must meet all normal housing deadlines for applying for housing in order to be considered for housing for the semester in which s/he plans to return. Once you have been approved for reinstatement, and have met all reinstatement deadlines, the Residence Life Office will contact you.
  • Pre-Registration: A student who is granted a Leave of Absence may retain pre-registration for courses in the semester subsequent to the leave and during which the student intends to be on campus. Students who have not pre-registered will be sent information by the Registrar before the normal pre-registration period.
  • Courses: A student planning to take courses elsewhere while on a Leave of Absence must petition in advance of taking the courses and gain approval from the Academic Standing Committee.
  • A student who is not in good academic standing at the time of the leave of absence will return on the same status on which s/he left.
  • Disciplinary and Judicial issues: --A student who has been suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons is not eligible for a Leave of Absence during the semester(s) s/he is required to withdraw. --The Director of Academic Advising and the Academic Standing Committee will consult with the Director of Judicial Affairs and Community Development when considering requests for a Leave of Absence for a student who has disciplinary matters pending. --A student granted a Leave of Absence while disciplinary matters involving the student are pending, must be cleared for reinstatement by the Director of Judicial Affairs and Community Development.

How do I get readmitted?

The procedure for seeking readmission depends on your academic status at the time of withdrawal, the length of time that has elapsed since withdrawal, and the reason for withdrawal.  You should call the Office of Academic Advising and request a readmission application.  The Academic Standing Committee will review all applications for readmission.   Readmission for students who withdraw from the College is not automatic. 

I want to transfer to another institution.  What do I do?

A student who wishes to transfer to another institution or is even thinking of transferring out of Gettysburg College for any reason should contact the Office of Academic Advising and set up an appointment with one of the Deans. 

I'm thinking about withdrawing?  Whom do I see?

If you are thinking of withdrawing from College, you should call and make an appointment with one of the deans in the Office of Academic Advising and/or your advisor. 

I need to withdraw medically from college?

A student whose health is so impaired that he/she cannot continue attending classes will be granted a medical withdrawal, provided that a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist confirms in writing the seriousness of the condition and recommends that the student withdraw from the College. 

A student in good academic standing who has been granted a medical withdrawal must submit an application for readmission to the Academic Standing Committee at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which they wish to return.  A letter from the attending physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist certifying that the student is ready to resume a full academic program must be submitted to the Counseling Center or Health Services.