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Any student who has physical or learning disabilities, or another impairment for which academic accommodation is appropriate, can request accommodation from the Office of Academic Advising. Students wishing to request accommodation or to know more about the College's policies should review the information available in our Handbook for Students with Disabilities.

Seeking Accommodation

  • Students seeking academic accommodation for a documented disability should fill out and return the Student Academic Accommodation Request Form, available on the Academic Advising website, along with the appropriate documentation.
  • Students seeking housing accommodation for a documented disability should fill out and return the Student Housing Accommodation Request Form and the Student Housing Accommodations Acknowledgement Form, along with appropriate documentation.
  • Normally, testing must have been administered within three years of the request for accommodation.
  • Information about specific testing required by the College for accommodation is available on the website. This information should be sent to the Office of Academic Advising as soon as possible.
  • Please note - The student will be contacted within one week after documentation for accommodation requests are received in the Academic Advising Office.  Please call the office at 717-337-6579 if you are not contacted in that time frame.

Assistance from Academic Advising

  • Students may self-disclose and submit documentation to the Office of Academic Advising any time, but are urged to do so early in the semester so that the deans will be able to review the information before a new semester begins, and meet with the student to discuss accommodations during the first two weeks of classes.
  • All information relating to disabilities that is sent to Academic Advising will be treated with the utmost respect for students' privacy.
  • It is important to note that the Office of Academic Advising will NOT be informed automatically of any condition disclosed by a student to the College's Health or Counseling Services or to the Admissions Office. Academic Advising should be informed directly if a student has a disability for which he or she is seeking accommodation.

Self-disclosure is a key to success at college. Through its tradition of strong faculty-student relationships, Gettysburg College provides a supportive environment for students with disabilities. Within that environment, students can be effective self-advocates and feel comfortable discussing their disabilities and accommodation plans with their faculty advisors as well as their course instructors.

Please feel free to contact the Office of Academic Advising with any questions.