Dear Student:

Early self-disclosure of a learning or physical disability is a key to success at college. Through its tradition of strong faculty-student relationships, Gettysburg College provides a supportive environment for students with disabilities.

Our website contains information about the College's policies on accommodating students with disabilities. If you anticipate requesting accommodation or want to know more about our policies, please take the time to read through the Handbook for Students with Disabilities.

If you have documented evidence of a disability for which you seek accommodation, print the request form, answer the questions, and attach the appropriate documentation. Please give this information to the Office of Academic Advising.  All necessary forms can easily be found on the Academic Advising page.

The Office of Academic Advising will not be informed automatically of any condition you disclose to the College's Health or Counseling Services or to the Admissions Office. You should inform the Office of Academic Advising directly, if you have any condition for which you are seeking academic accommodation. All information and documentation relating to disabilities that is sent to the Office of Academic Advising will be treated with the utmost respect for your privacy.

You are welcome and encouraged to consult with one of the Deans in the Office of Academic Advising if you have any questions about these matters.


Dr. GailAnn Rickert
Dean of Academic Advising