1. Accommodation is a proactive strategy.  To self-advocate well, students should understand the nature and extent of their learning problems.  This information may be obtained from the person who evaluated the student.
  2. Assertiveness and self-advocacy are keys to successful accommodation.  Students must make every effort to understand their special needs, communicate those needs directly to faculty advisors, their professors, and administrators, and explain how and why a particular accommodation is important for their success.
  1. It is imperative that students self-disclose to instructors early each semester so that appropriate planning and modifications can be considered.  Accommodation is never retroactive: tests taken without accommodation cannot be retaken; grades posted for quizzes, exams or courses taken without accommodation cannot be changed.
  1. Students must exhibit self-sufficiency and self-reliance in order to be successful in college.  We expect our students to go to class, to hand in assignments on time, to study and prepare for examinations, and to seek help from their instructors and the Writing Center and Peer Learning Associates when needed.  It is unreasonable and inappropriate to expect the College to monitor daily class attendance or instructors to excuse late or missed assignments and exams.
  1. Perseverance is necessary for academic success.  Learning strategies such as rereading, reviewing, rewriting, and reconsidering must be part of a student's approach to academic tasks.  Quality scholarship requires time and effort.
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