Self Advocacy: You and the Office of Academic Advising

Students are responsible for presenting documentation of their learning disabilities and their self-disclosure forms in a timely fashion, and for articulating the accommodations which they are seeking.  Students must communicate with the Office of Academic Advising throughout their career at Gettysburg.  Some of the following recommendations may apply to your particular situation:

  • Students with learning disabilities often benefit greatly from peer tutoring.  Students should seek support from Peer Learning Associates for individual courses as necessary.  Writing Center tutors are also available.
  • Students must respond to phone calls, letters, and e-mail messages from the Office of Academic Advising.  You cannot expect support from this office if you do not communicate with us.
  • If you seek particular accommodations such as substitution of courses from the alternate track to satisfy the foreign language requirement, you must follow our procedures and processes.  These include presenting documentation indicating a learning disability which substantially interferes with language acquisitions; presenting evidence from foreign language faculty that your disability cannot be accommodated in the classroom; and filing a petition (discussed with and signed by your faculty advisor) with the Academic Standing Committee for permission to substitute courses from the alternate track.  Normally, this process should begin in the first semester in which, with effort and tutoring, you are unable to be successful in a foreign language class at Gettysburg College, or no later than the end of sophomore year.
  • If you seek the services of one of our learning specialists for help with particular problems, it is your responsibility to set up-and to keep-appointments.
  • Students should take the initiative in communicating with the Office of Academic Advising about all matters relating to their learning disability. Remember that we are keenly interested in your success at Gettysburg and are here to help you, but we cannot help you if we do not know what you need.  Consider us your allies, and act accordingly.


Revised August 2008

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