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Some students with disabilities who would benefit from sharing a classmate's notes, in addition to relying on their own class notes, need assistance identifying a classmate willing to assist them.  Most frequently, students make these arrangements on their own.  Students who do not have friends or acquaintances in a class or students who are concerned about maintaining confidentiality about their disabilities should ask their instructors for assistance.

If you are not concerned about confidentiality and need help identifying someone to share notes, you can ask your instructors to recommend student volunteers they think would be willing to help, and then you can approach the recommended volunteers on your own. If you are concerned about confidentiality, discuss the matter with your instructors who can assist you by asking an appropriate student if she or he would be willing to copy and share his or her class notes. In order to minimize the inconvenience for the student volunteer, we recommend she or he be allowed to copy his/her notes in the department's office, assuming the office is near to the classroom, and leave them there for you to get them. If this is not convenient for the department or the student volunteer, please contact the office of Academic Advising to make other arrangements.



Revised 04/07