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The Office of Academic Advising, in consultation with our Counseling Services, will arrange a program of reasonable accommodation to assist students who disclose psychiatric or neurological conditions.

In order to request accommodation for psychiatric and neurological conditions, a student must contact our Counseling Services (717-337-6960).  The student is not obligated to work with our Health or Counseling Services, but Gettysburg College Counseling Services must receive verification of the condition to be accommodated.  Counseling Services will review the documentation and consult with the Office of Academic Advising.  After reviewing the necessary documentation of the condition and the evaluator's conclusions and recommendations for student compensations and course accommodations, a counselor will consult with one of the deans in Academic Advising who will discuss an accommodation plan with the student. With the student's consent, recommendations will be shared with his/her faculty advisor in order to provide coordinated academic support.