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The Gettysburg College Pre-Business Program affords students the opportunity to develop business and organizational literacy while pursuing specialized interests within their major. Any student that has general questions relating to business or related graduate studies may utilize the pre-business advising services. Although the term business is largely associated with the process of generating a profit, every formal organization utilizes certain basic business processes. For the purposes of this program, the term "business" will be used to describe the basic skills or literacy needed to operate an organization, regardless of whether the organization is economic, social, or political in nature.

The Pre-Business Program is based on the belief that a liberal arts education provides a solid foundation for leadership. This is an opportunity for you to develop the skills necessary to become a life-long self-directed learner. These skills are the cornerstone of an enlightened society, the responsibility of citizenship, and the very foundations of positive social change.  From this perspective, the Pre-Business Program is intended to supplement the studies within your major by helping the student integrate their interests with business and organizational literacy. This is accomplished through specialized programming, individualized advising, selected course work, and close collaboration with Off-Campus Studies and the Career Development Center.

The Pre-Business advising process starts with scheduling a meeting with the Pre-Business Advisor. This first meeting is an informal conversation that is intended to help the student clarify their interests. Based on the questions and interests that surface during this first meeting, the student will be given suggestions for next steps. When appropriate, courses related to business literacy will be suggested. The three pillars of business are finance, marketing, and management; courses related to all three fields are available at Gettysburg College.

All students interested in management as a major must meet with Bennett Bruce, the Pre-Business Advisor prior to declaration.