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Anne Bucher Lane, - Dean of Academic Advising
Directs and supervises all functions of Academic Advising; Academic Standing Committee; Support for Sophomore and Junior Students

Jennifer Cole, - Associate Dean of Academic Advising
Support for Students with Disabilities and Senior Students; Honor Commission

Hannah KS Sollenberger, - Interim Assistant Dean of Academic Advising
Support for Students with Academic Accommodations and First Year Students; Honor Commission; Academic Standing Committee; Academic Coach

Noelle Billand, Administrative Assistant
Assists with Learning Disabilities, Academic Accommodations, Academic Standing Committee, Academic Progress Reports, Midterm and Final Reports, Academic Advising Budgets and Academic Support Technology

Carol Simpson, - Administrative Assistant
Assists with Honor Commission, Dean's Lists, Faculty Advising Program, Incompletes, Leaves of Absence, Withdrawals and Readmissions; Upperclass Mailings; Dean's Reception

Katherine Mattson, - Coordinator
Health Professions Advising

Dustin Smith, - Coordinator
Peer Learning Associates Program

Ben Bruce, - Coordinator
Pre-Business Advising

Tiffany Kurzawa, - Coordinator
Pre-Law Advising

Scott Boddery, 
Pre-Law Advising