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Name:Alyssa Lepik Photo

Alyssa Lepik

Class Year:



Martinsville, NJ


London Seminar, Lancaster University
London, England & Lancaster, England


Health Sciences/Civil War Era Studies

Activities on Campus:

  • Attic Advisory Board
  • Pre-health Professions Club
  • TIPS server
  • Alpha Phi Omega

My Story from Global Study:

Going abroad, I made so many different memories, it is hard to just pick one. Probably one of my favorites was the first weekend we were in London. Two of my friends and I took the tube from Liverpool Street where we were living into London Proper. We did everything from go to Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. The most fun thing we did was the Queen’s Walk from the Abbey all the way to the Tower of London. It became surreal and amusing at the same time when we ended up eating fish and chips outside the Tower while getting attacked by ravens.

My second favorite memory was when I finally arrived in Lancaster and got to know my flat and my flatmates better with 3 out of 5 being British. One thing Americans do not realize is some of the terms we use here can have different meanings over there. So for the first few days in my new flat and many arguments later, I was taught more about British culture than I ever thought possible. To this day when I’m with my friends talking I will revert back to some British phrases because my friends drilled them into my head.

My Advice for Future Students:

The best advice I can give for someone who is going abroad is probably to keep an open mind and not be afraid to try new things. You’re probably already stepping outside your comfort zone studying abroad as it so why not go full out. Keep an open mind and ignore those stereotypes that you might already know. If you are judging them, there is a pretty good chance they are judging you.