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Caleb Parker_PhotoName:

Caleb Parker

Class Year:



Medina, OH


CIEE Berlin: Open Campus

Berlin, Germany


Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
(Comparative Law with Religion)

Activities on Campus:

  • Cross Country
  • Eisenhower Institute Undergraduate Fellow
  • Eisenhower Institute Office Assistant
  • Political Science PLA
  • Center for Public Service
  • Pre-Law Club

My Story from Global Study:

Studying abroad in Berlin was one of the most memorable experiences of my Gettysburg journey. During my time in Germany, I lived with the Schlitt family, Heike and Timo. Getting to become part of an international family provided me with so much insight into daily life from another perspective. Throughout the semester, my family and I incorporated our cultures together. To celebrate Super Bowl L, my friends and I hosted a BBQ and tailgate for my host family to teach them our traditions in American football. At various points of the semester, I went to parkour practice with my host brother, Timo. While I will not be representing the USA in the Olympics for this sport, it was still awesome to spend quality time with my brother in a very important part of his life. On Sunday nights, the three of us would watch Tatort, a German crime show. I made sure to share some of America’s greatest films with my family including, Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, Titanic, and Forrest Gump. Being part of this family was the focal point of my abroad experience.

My Advice for Future Students:

If I were to give advice to students who are considering studying abroad, I would say to remain flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. I was fortunate enough to travel all throughout Europe for many weekends. Be sure to always plan your trips for safety reasons; however, remain open to opportunities that open up. Our plane from Athens to Mykonos was cancelled due to a strike, however we took a ferry to the island instead and had a great time sailing the Aegean. Adaptability is crucial!