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Name:Emily Kaminsky

Emily Kaminsky

Class Year:



Centerport, NY

Global Study Semester:

Fall 2016
Summer 2017


SIT Jaipur: Sustainable Development and Social Change
Jaipur, India

SIT Durban: Education and Social Change
Durban, South Africa


Globalization Studies & Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Activities on Campus:

  • Sigma Sigma Sigma

My Story from Global Study:

One of my favorite memories from my time in India was when my class went to visit a nomadic village in the rural outskirts of Jaipur, the city where we were based. From the road, the village appeared like nothing. We had to climb down a steep and rocky hill off the side of the road to get down to an opening. After some more walking, we finally reached the village, which consisted of a few houses and a school. We spent some time at the school where we sat in on a math lesson and then had time to play with the children. They sang some songs to us and then we sang songs to them. They taught us a few games that were new to us and we also were able to play games we all were familiar with from childhood, like tag and hide and seek. This experience was so special because at the end of the day we had all become so close and interacted so much, yet they spoke no English and we spoke no Hindi. It was incredible to see how relationships can be formed between people who don’t speak the same language through songs, games, and kindness.

My Advice for Future Students:

My advice to a student considering going abroad would be to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Go somewhere you’d never expect to go. When you’re there, make sure you’re taking advantage of every opportunity. You’ll be surprised how quickly a semester will go by. Even if you’re tired, take the opportunity to explore a new part of the city, try a new food, or spend time with your host family.