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Jessica Casale_Photo


Jessica Casale

Class Year:



Cranford, NJ

Global Study Semester:

Fall 2016


SIT Peru: Indigenous Peoples and Globalization

Cuzco, Peru


Environmental Studies/Anthropology

Activities on Campus:

  • GRAB Facilitator
  • Fitness Center Supervisor
  • Women's Rugby

My Story from Global Study:

We stayed with a host family for three days in Lake Titicaca on the island of Tequile. Tequile is a secluded island on a lake sitting at 14,000 feet in altitude. The presence of culture and tradition is very unique to Tequile: everyone still wears traditional indigenous garments and the community is extremely tightly knit. On our final night stay, my friend Emma and my host family wanted us to try a traditional dish. It was like nothing I have ever seen or even imagined before. We helped our family collect seaweed from the lake and soaked it in fresh goat milk for hours. We peeled potatoes and shared stories about home. As the seaweed dish was being placed in front of me, I was terrified to try it. It was a green blob on a plate. But of course I had to try this dish in order to not disrespect the family! To my surprise, it was delicious. It is probably something I will never get the opportunity to eat again, and it was amazing. 

My Advice for Future Students:

My advice to students considering studying globally would be to keep an open-mind and consider studying somewhere where the culture and history aligns with or challenges who you are.