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Katie Morfill_Photo


Kate Morfill

Class Year:



Haverhill, MA

Global Study Semester:

Spring 2017


DIS: Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark


Environmental Studies and Public Policy

Activities on Campus:

  • Residence Coordinator of Rice Hall
  • Member of Tour Guide Executive Board
  • PLA, Classics Department
  • Co-President of Classics Club
  • Historian of Alpha Phi Omega

My Story from Global Study:

While abroad, the one major Danish holiday I was able to celebrate with my host family was called "Fastelavn." Fastelavn is the week before Lent and, among other traditions, is celebrated with a special pastry called "fastelavnsboller." One day my host dad, Jesper, came home with a box full of fastelavnsboller from the local bakery. I had learned about the holiday's significance in my Danish culture class that week, and my Danish teacher even taught us a children's song about it. I was so excited to be participating in the holiday that I happily sang the song for Jesper before he would let me eat the buns!

My Advice for Future Students:

My piece of advice to a student who is considering studying globally would to think about how much they could get out of a semester by using the world as their classroom, and living experiences they could not have here at Gettysburg.