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Name:Meghan Eaton_Photo

Meghan Eaton

Class Year:



Rocklin, CA

Global Study Semester:

Spring 2017


CIEE Seville: International Business and Culture

Seville, Spain


Political Science and Public Policy/Peace and Justice Studies

Activities on Campus:

  • Sigma Sigma Sigma Philanthropy Chair
  • Eisenhower Institute Fielding Fellows
  • Alpha Phi Omega New Member Chair
  • El Centro Tutor
  • Eisenhower Institute Office Assistant
  • Admissions Office Tour Guide and Day Visit Coordinator

My Story from Global Study:

One of my favorite moments of my semester abroad was Fería, which is a weeklong carnival and celebration. Although I did not purchase a traditional dress for the occasion, as I was not sure how I would get it back home with all the other souvenirs I had purchased abroad, my friends wore the traditional attire. For women it's a long dress, earrings, shawls, and a flower in the hair. Men typically wear suits for the occasion. There are casetas that line the streets of Fería. Casetas are tents, that can be rented out, where traditional flamenco dancing occurs and live music is played. Each casetas has different tapas, which are small plates of traditional Spanish food. At the end of each evening the amusement park opens at the end of the street. Fería is such a large part of the Spanish culture, especially in Sevilla. One of my friends abroad is a photographer and during one of the afternoons of Fería we all decided to go to the Plaza de España, one of Sevilla's most famous monuments, and take photos. This photo is one of the many from that afternoon and week. 

My Advice for Future Students:

My best advice would be to go into your semester with an open  mind. While it's great to make plans and have expectations, once you arrive in your host country, you might find aspects of your program, university, or host city may be different than you expected. In light of that, make sure to try new things throughout your time in your host city or travels. Take advantage of all the new experiences and opportunities that come your way.