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Please note that any course in the curriculum is potentially eligible to be considered for CLAC. Professors and students may decide on individual or group projects that qualify.

Current list of courses eligible for CLAC as of January 2015

  • Econ 255 La pobreza y la salud en las Américas (Prof. Eileen Stillwaggon)
  • ENG 299 Critical Methods (Prof. Christopher Fee)
  • ENG 313 Beowulf (Prof. Christopher Fee)
  • ENG 401 The Medieval North Atlantic (Prof. Christopher Fee)
  • FILM 251 History of World Cinema (Prof. James Udden)
  • FILM 375 Comparative National Cinemas (Prof. James Udden)
  • GER 270 Transnational Writing and Film (Prof. Laurel Cohen-Pfister)
  • GER 351 The German Jewish Experience (Prof. Kerry Wallach)
  • HIST 318 Europe, 1914 – 1945 (Prof. William Bowman)
  • ITAL 251 Italian American Culture (Prof. Alan R. Perry)
  • ITAL 260 Italian Culture (Prof. Alan R. Perry)
  • ITAL 275 Dante’s Commedia (Prof. Alan R. Perry)
  • ITAL 285 Wartime Italy: Cinema and Novel (Prof. Alan R. Perry)
  • LAS 147 Introduction to Latin America (Prof. Alvaro Kaempfer)
  • LAS 220 Topics in Latin American Literature: Latin American Detective Literature (Prof. Radost Rangelova)
  • LAW 260 American Trial Reality and the Media Mirror (Prof. Thomas Jurney)
  • PHIL 400 Senior Seminar: The Image (Prof. Lisa Portmess)
  • WGS 217 Famous French Femmes Fatales — From a Feminist Perspective (Prof. Elizabeth Richardson-Viti)