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Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is a pedagogical platform that involves learning between two or more groups of students, in separate classes (one here on campus and the other in a different country), that meet regularly online. Guided and evaluated by faculty members at each institution, these groups share ideas, collaboratively produce work that relates to their course of study, and reflect upon their own and their partners’ cultural points of view.

This initiative specifically aims to help enhance the internationalization profile of our curriculum.

Usually one faculty member has a suitable colleague at a partner country and institution with whom to collaborate. In tandem, they define the scope and content of a project, the modes of software to be employed (i.e., synchronous instruction, email, Facebook, Face Time, Skype, etc.), the division of online versus classroom instruction, and the expectations of testing and assessment.

Any faculty member, teaching any discipline, potentially can partner with a friend or professional acquaintance in a different country. Our Instructional Technology team assists with setting up optimal channels of communication to ensure the best learning experience possible.

For more information, please contact Alan R. Perry, Director of the Center for Language and Intercultural Communication (7B McKnight Hall) at or x6874.