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The Center for Language and Intercultural Communication (CLIC) develops, enhances, and sustains initiatives that promote non-English language and cultural learning across the curriculum at the departmental, faculty, and student levels. Toward this end, CLIC identifies and arranges on-campus workshops to bolster the curriculum; works individually with faculty members to identify ways to increase their non-English language proficiency; strengthens technological approaches to collaborative learning with partners in non-English speaking countries (COIL); boosts student involvement with language programs and affinity groups upon their return from study abroad; administers the important program of teaching non-English cultures and languages in courses outside of language departments (CLAC); supports student and faculty initiatives for the individualized learning of  less-taught non-English languages (SILP); and promotes the effective administration and use of the Language Resource Center.

As one of Gettysburg College’s four “global pillars,” the Center for Language and Intercultural Communication works in conjunction with the Center for the Study of Global Issues, the Center for Public Service, and the Center for Global Education, to promote a global learning community. Connecting research and scholarship, public policy, public service, leadership, and language and culture, the Centers help to advance the College’s global learning goals and outcomes with the end of preparing our students to be active and informed global citizens.