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The Center for the Study of Global Issues (CSGI) works with faculty and students to identify global issues with social implications that resonate at the international, national, and local levels. Drawing together faculty and students from departments and programs across the College, the CSGI facilitates a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to the study of and research on global issues.  CSGI arranges on-campus and international seminars to support faculty seeking to develop courses on global issues; provides faculty and students with training to help them conduct fieldwork and other forms of international research; helps to connect Gettysburg students and faculty who have complementary research interests regarding global issues; and assists faculty and students who seek to establish working relationships with researchers at partner institutions in other countries.

As one of Gettysburg College’s four “global pillars,” the Center for the Study of Global Issues works in conjunction with the Center for Public Service, the Center for Global Education, and the Center for Language and Intercultural Communication to support College-wide efforts to promote a global learning community.  Connecting research and scholarship, public policy, public service, leadership, and language and culture, the Centers help to advance the College’s global learning goals and outcomes with the end of preparing our students to be active and informed global citizens.