Year of Food


Welcome to the Year of Food

Year of Food

Gettysburg Cycle

Members of the Gettysburg College community are taking part in a year-long focus on food issues of local, national, and global significance during the 2016-17 academic year.

The Year of Food is the first program in the “Gettysburg Cycle,” a series of annual themes that have global, national, and local implications.

Drawing on both the curriculum and co-curricular experiences, students and other members of the Gettysburg Community will have the opportunity to learn more about the central role food plays in our lives as well as to engage with local, national, and global food issues.

Get involved

Look for and participate in activities throughout the year related to the Year of Food. For example, watch a film series featuring food-justice and related themes, submit a photo to the global food photography competition, or learn about other cultures by participating in themed food nights at Servo. Don’t forget to tweet while you’re there using the hashtag #GburgYearofFood.

Read The Book of Unknown Americans by Christina Henriquez, this year’s common reading for first-year students, which discusses the role that food plays in the experiences of immigrants who come to Delaware from Latin America.

Learn about Gettysburgians making a difference through food—in many different ways.