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Application for iPad Loaners

We recognize that iPads are an exciting piece of technology and most faculty members could imagine uses for them in their courses. Because we have a finite number of them to loan, however, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Advisory Committee (URCAAC) needs to prioritize which faculty members are to receive them for use in a given course based on the information the applicant can provide us. For this reason, we are asking that you answer the following questions with as much specificity as possible:

(*) denotes required information.

* Full Name:

* Email:

* Department

For which course do you intend to use the iPads and how many iPads do you need?

How specifically do you intend to use the iPads i.e., what is the learning activity for which the iPads will be used?

How do you think this learning activity will be enhanced for the students through the opportunity for them to have an iPad at their disposal and how will these activities be assessed?

Are there specific apps that you would need? Have you looked at the cost? If they are not free downloads, how would you plan to pay for them?

Also keep in mind the following:

  • For full consideration, please submit your request no later than August 15th for the Fall semester and January 15th for Spring.
  • Since the iPads were paid for by the Mellon Embedded grant, preference will be given to those courses taught in the Arts, Humanities, and humanistic Social Sciences but requests from faculty in all disciplines will be considered.
  • If you will only need the iPads for a limited amount of time e.g., two weeks, during a given semester, please indicate this as well as we’d like to be able to maximize the number of faculty who are able to incorporate them into their courses.