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Faculty Committee Preference Sheet

Please rank your top five preferences by selecting from the drop-down menus.

Note: Complete committee charges can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

(*) denotes required information.

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Please select and rank five committees, with one being your top preference.

Faculty Personnel Committee (tenured faculty only)
Oversees pre-tenure, tenure, and promotion reviews and makes recommendations to the Provost and the President regarding these cases.

Faculty Governance Committee
Nominates candidates for election and makes appointments to standing committees of the faculty, creates the academic calendar for the College, oversees the Faculty Handbook and its revision.

Academic Policy and Program Committee
Considers all policy matters related to the educational program of the College; makes recommendations to the Provost concerning allocation of faculty positions; provides oversight for the graduation requirements and the First Year Seminar Program.

Faculty Development Committee
Considers policy issues related to the professional development of the faculty member; oversees the policies and procedures relating to the evaluation of tenured faculty members; assesses sabbatical proposals and makes recommendations to the Provost and the President.

Faculty Grievance Committee (tenured faculty only)
Hears petitions filed by non-reappointed, non-tenured full-time faculty; determines whether the non- reappointment decision was the result of adequate consideration in terms of the relevant criteria and procedures stated in the Gettysburg College Faculty Handbook.

Academic Standing Committee
Reviews and evaluates the academic performance of individual students; acts on student petitions for exceptions to academic regulations; dismisses students with unsatisfactory academic records; acts on applications for readmission of students.

Committee for Global Education
Provides faculty oversight of current off-campus studies programs and provides faculty perspectives on the development of new off campus programs.

Faculty Finance Committee
Serves as the faculty voice in the budget-building process; ensures that academic programs are adequately funded; makes an annual review of the salary and fringe benefit program for faculty.

Student Enrollment and Retention Committee
Considers policy issues as they relate to student admission and retention; recommends to the faculty standards for student admission and retention.

Student Life Committee
Reviews policy matters pertaining to student life and approves any changes to the Student Handbook.

Educational Technology Committee
Facilitates the effective integration of technology into teaching, scholarship, and creative activity. Provides guidance on ways to advance the development of students' digital skills.

Event Planning and Coordinating Committee
Plans, schedules, coordinates, and manages special events that complement the educational mission of the College, including Common Hour, lectures, readings, artistic performances, symposia, exhibitions, etc.

Faculty Council
Serves as the chief consultative body devoted to faculty concerns, speak for the faculty where it is not possible to consult the entire faculty, construct the agenda for faculty meetings, nominate the Faculty Convener for discussion-based faculty meetings.

Sexual Misconduct Appeal Board
Charged with hearing appeals under the Sexual Misconduct Policy in conjunction with the Division of College Life. Regular and specific training of 6-10 hours per year are required to hear appeals.

Student Conduct Review Board
Hears serious cases of alleged violations of the Code of Conduct involving both individual students and College Organizations.

Honor Commission
Promotes and enforces the Honor Code of the College.

To give the Faculty Governance Committee a better understanding of your service to the College:

Please list your current governance responsibilities and any other College service commitments (not assigned through FGC).

Please list your past governance service in the space provided below. Exact dates of service are helpful but approximate dates are acceptable.