Mellon Disciplinary Workshop Funds

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The Mellon Disciplinary Workshop Funds are designed to empower faculty to employ creative techniques to engage their students in research and creative activity at an earlier stage of their collegiate careers i.e., before the senior year. With this goal in mind, academic departments from the arts, humanities, and humanistic social sciences may invite faculty speakers from other liberal arts colleges to conduct workshops the focus of which would be tailored to a specific academic department’s interests. A single department may apply for up to $3,000 for presenters’ honoraria and travel expenses or for faculty attendee stipends. If two or three departments want to apply together for a workshop topic of joint interest, funding may be able to be expanded slightly beyond the cap. Please note that speakers’ topics must relate to research/creative activity.

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Funding in this budget line is limited to only one or two workshops each semester. Please keep this in mind when constructing your budget request, out of consideration for your colleagues.