Grant researchDeadline for applications:  

  • Fall applications are due by TBD; Spring applications are due by TBD

 Three sources of funding are now available for STEM faculty:

  1. Early Research Fund: Support for FY, SO, and JR researchers (that is, students who cannot apply for the Provost Fund for Senior Projects). A faculty mentor can request supplies up to $250 per student for a one-semester project or $500 per student for two-semester projects.
  2. Student Professional Development Fund: Support to take students to professional meetings or other professional opportunities (e.g., visit to a research lab).  A faculty mentor can request up to $350 per student.  If attending a meeting, students are not required to present.  These monies are meant to encourage students to attend scientific meetings and get a sense of the excitement of being at a professional meeting.
  3. Student Professional Meeting Fund: Support for a summer or current student researcher to present at a professional meeting. A faculty mentor can request up to $700 per student.  Students must be presenting at these meetings.

How to Apply

Faculty who are requesting these funds need to fill out and submit the online application form. Faculty should identify which source of funding they are applying for, provide a brief description to justify the request (150 words), and provide a detailed budget, and indicate other sources of funds that will be used (if any).

Distribution of Funds

Once funding has been approved, faculty mentor should contact Amanda Whitcomb in the Biology office to either place order or reimburse incurred expenses.