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monani2The Johnson Digital Literacy Assignment Grant is designed for faculty who wish to enhance a course to include a digital literacy assignment. The assignment should allow students to explore the digital presentation of information and the ways that digital tools can be an effective part of the research process or the presentation of research results. The assignment may be a new one or a reworking of an existing one. Its design and assessment must connect directly to a student learning outcome for the course that addresses the value of digital literacy.

The grant provides a $500 stipend for the recipient and consultation with librarians on Musselman Library’s Digital Scholarship Committee. In addition, the JCCTL will pay for up to 20 hours of support by a Digital Scholarship Fellow. Fellows are students trained in the use of digital tools available on the Gettysburg Sites online platform through the Library’s summer program.

This application can be saved as a Word document for editing.  Type your answers under each heading.  Applications from all disciplines are encouraged. Please submit this application to Paula Baer at Deadline for application is March 30, 2019.

Recipients of a JCCTL fellowship or grant must submit a written report at the conclusion of their project and be willing to make one or more presentations about their work in appropriate on-campus venues.

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2017-2018 Recipients

Marta Robertson, Associate Professor in the Sunderman Conservatory
Marta received funds to work with librarians and a Digital Scholarship Fellow. Marta will develop resources for her MUS_CLAS 442 course that will help students work with digital tools such as the Genius annotation software, Word Press, and Timeline JS.

Alecea Standlee, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Alecia received funds to work with librarians and a Digital Scholarship Fellow. She will develop resources that will allow her to integrate digital literacy assignments into her new course, “Digital Culture and Online Behavior”.

Jill Ogline Titus, Associate Director of the Civil War Institute
Jill received funding to work with librarians and a Digital Scholarship Fellow. Jill will revise HIST 301, “Introduction to Public History,” to include assignments that help students become proficient in the use of two digital tools, Timeline JS and StoryMap JS.

2016-2017 Recipients

Salma Monani, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Prof. Monani was awarded this grant to work with librarians and a Digital Scholarship Fellow. She will develop a digital assignment as the final project for the course,
ES 225, Introduction to Environmental Humanities.

Stephanie Sobelle, Associate Professor of English
Prof. Sobelle received this grant to work with librarians and a Digital Scholarship Fellow. Prof. Sobelle will develop a more robust online platform for her students to use in the course,
ENG 308, Writing the Literary Review.