The JCCTL Department/Program Funding grant is designed to provide support for curriculum development, revision, or innovation carried out by a department or program as a whole. The range of possibilities is broad but the proposed changes should be significant, substantive, and not readily accomplished through ordinary departmental procedures. Proposals may develop out of an external review or other departmental assessment of needs. Department chairs or program coordinators are encouraged to discuss potential projects with the JCCTL Director. Normally, awards will not exceed $2000 but the JCCTL will consider larger requests based on the quality of the proposal and the availability of funds.  Applications from all disciplines are encouraged.


This application can be saved as a Word document for editing.  Type your answers under each heading.  Please provide a detailed budget including funds contributed by the department or other cost sharing.  The Department Chair or Program Coordinator should submit this application along with his or her two page vita by April 1, 2016.