Johnson Information Literacy Grant

The Johnson Information Literacy Grant is designed for faculty members who will (re)design a course to include an emphasis on library-related student research. This program provides faculty a $1,000 award and dedicated time to collaborate deeply with a librarian in order to infuse an entire course with information literacy and research skills. Research strategies should be integrated with academic content and sequenced throughout the semester to allow students to learn, reinforce, and master these important skills. The grant is limited to courses offered during the spring semester at the 200-300 level.

Prior to submission, applicants must discuss projects with a librarian in the Reference & Instruction Department at Musselman Library.

Future applications for all JCCTL awards will be contingent upon submission of reports for previous funding.

Application deadline is Sunday, November 23, 2014.

Application (DOC)

2012-2013 Grant Recipient

Megan Adamson Sijapati, Associate Professor, Religious Studies and Co-Director, Globalization Studies

Megan redesigned her advanced level Religious Studies seminar, Islam in South Asia, to include a major research paper project developed over the course of the semester.  The goal of this project was to develop students’ library literacy, research skills, and research paper writing skills in and through their exploration of a focused topic pertaining to South Asian Islam.  Throughout the semester she conducted librarian-assisted workshop sessions with Mallory Jallas, Reference and Instruction Librarian, to work with students in developing strategies for the careful development of a working research question and the production of original research.  This collaboration gave students an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to navigate primary and secondary source materials, including audio-visual resources, and to develop advanced research skills.  She also worked closely with Jeremy Garskof, Acquisitions Librarian, to help to build South Asia related resources for the library's Middle East and Islamic Studies collection for use in this course and beyond.

2011-2012 Grant Recipients

Amy Dailey, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences

Amy redesigned and upper-level elective course to help students develop the skills to critically examine population-level health problems.  She included four interactive classroom sessions at Musselman Library with Health Sciences Reference and Instruction Librarians Kayla Lenkner and Meggan Smith.  Read more.

 Monica Ogra, Associate Professor, Globalization Studies

Monica redesigned the Globalization Studies Capstone course which she taught in Spring 2012.  The primary objective of this course was the successful completion of a semester-long independent study project that integrates core elements of each student’s unique, self-designed major, in particular as related to the student’s self-designed “thematic” track.  Throughout the semester she conducted librarian-assisted workshops with Janelle Wertzberger, Director of Reference & Instruction and Ronalee Ciocco, Director of User Services.  These sessions complemented and reinforced existing curricular exercises in scholarly research design.