The Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning supports the teaching activities of Gettysburg College faculty by coordinating speakers, programs, and workshops related to teaching.  

"In The Classroom" Discussions:

The "In The Classroom" Discussions have become a favorite among faculty.  These informal meetings give faculty the opportunity to learn creative approaches to teaching, share challenges, and network with colleagues from other disciplines.
No reservation necessary.


JCCTL Luncheons provide a forum for presentations from faculty and administrators on topics related to teaching enhancement.  Questions and comments are encouraged.  Lunch is provided on a first come first serve basis! No reservation necessary unless otherwise noted.

JCCTL Hands-on Learning Sessions:

Hands-on Learning Sessions is a new program designed to give faculty the opportunity to learn teaching techniques using a hands-on approach. No reservation necessary unless otherwise noted.

The Faculty Exchange Program:

Come to Class! We are very excited to offer a program that allows faculty to see their colleagues at work in the classroom - an opportunity to discover new ideas. Faculty can sign up to visit a class during two weeks in the fall.  Registration required.

Pedagogical Discussion Groups:

The Pedagogical Discussion Groups signal pertinent articles to read and discuss.  In the News gives faculty the opportunity to delve deeper into conversation of current pedagogical issues. No reservation necessary unless otherwise noted.

Spring Workshop:

This annual workshop is a one day event held on campus that allows for a more concentrated look at specific pedagogical issues. Registration required.