Semester Main Contents
Spring 2013
  • Tablet Computing and Role of Language Resource Center
  • Authentic Tasks and Performance and Scaffolding

Fall 2012

  • Toward the Promotion of the Internationalization on Campus

Spring 2012

  • Digital Storytelling as Assessment to Promote Self-reflection
  • Using Comic Life software for Basic French class
  • Movie Project as E-Portfolio in German classes

Fall 2011

  • Content, Language, and Research - Intermediate/Advanced German Class
  • SLANG (Summer Language Acquisition Networking at Gettysburg) program

Spring 2011

  • Opportunity for bringing authentic language into the classroom
  • Language Learning Life
  • Material Development: Learner’s autonomy and self-instructional language learning link collection project

Fall 2010

  • Arabic Language Classes at Gettysburg College
  • Japanese Language Exchange via Blog