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Newsletter Fall- 2011
Getting Started on the Beginning of the Academic Year 

I would like to welcome all the faculty to the new semester.

gburglrc_wordleFor new faculty, I would also like to welcome you to Gettysburg College and our Language Resource Center (LRC). The LRC promotes and encourages the integration of technology into your class curriculum and classroom activity. I look forward to supporting and working with you all in any aspect of the technology integration of your curriculum.

As it is the beginning of the new academic year, I would like you to review the variety of resources available at the Gettysburg LRC website [http://www.gettysburg.edu/about/offices/provost/lrc/]. Along with the description of the computer room and lab space at LRC, it lists the online resources, manual, newsletter, list of foreign language channels for campus cable TV, and so forth. 



Content, Language, and Research - Intermediate/Advanced German Class
The previous newsletter included an article on the activity of using Skype in beginning Arabic classes.  This article describes how Skype was used in advanced classes. 

Professor Martin Kley used Skype video conferencing as a tool for his advanced German classes in Spring 2011.  He designed the course for his students to "converse with a native speaker of German currently in Germany and in a meaningful and authentic context." Skype video conferencing played a vital role in his course curriculum.

SLANG (Summer Language Acquisition Networking at Gettyburg) progam

The article written by SLANG Coordinator, Brenda Clark '12

This summer, for the first time ever, the LRC remained open in support of a program known as SLANG (Summer Language Acquisition Network at Gettysburg).
The program was run in collaboration with Off Campus Studies, sponsored by Rebecca Bergren and run by one of the office's summer interns, Brenda Clark.
It aimed to provide a productive evening and weekend activity for students who were working or researching in Gettysburg over the summer. The program was especially appealing to students who do not have time to fit in five-day-a-week beginning language classes during a normal semester and it was a way to show them what resources are available at the LRC.





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