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Newsletter Fall- 2012
Getting Started on the Beginning of the Academic Year 

The Language Resource Center (LRC) promotes and encourages the integration of technology into your class curriculum and classroom activity. I look forward to supporting and working with you all in any aspect of the technology integration of your curriculum. As it is the beginning of the new academic year, I would like you to review the variety of resources available at the Gettysburg LRC website. Along with the description of the computer room and lab space at LRC, it lists the online resources, manual, newsletter, list of foreign language channels for campus cable TV, and so forth.

The 'Language Material and Resources' page covers the resources for languages offered on campus. Some materials are used to supplement materials for your language classes. The submenu page called 'Other resources' covers the materials developed by other institutions and are usually aimed toward self-study.

The 'LRC newsletter' page has the list of LRC newsletters issued every semester. The LRC newsletter consists of the articles describing examples of activity using technology, equipment and facilities in the LRC computer room and lab area, as well as useful websites for language learning.

Please visit LRC and our website to explore the possibility of using the resources!  


Toward the Promotion of the Internationalization on Campus
One of the missions of the LRC is to promote internationalization on the Gettysburg College campus.
Gettysburg College itself has also been promoting internationalization on campus. The notion of internationalization is closely connected to the interdisciplinary nature of students’ academic life.
Over the course of the past few years, there have been significant achievements in terms of internationalization and providing more opportunities for double/triple focuses on students’ academic achievement.
In April 2010, Chinese and Italian majors were established and approved. In April 2012, a Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) minor was established and approved. I believe these majors and minor have provided a wider opportunity for students to undertake interdisciplinary studies in their field of interests and students have been taking advantage of this opportunity.  


LRC Announcement

The series of Moodle workshops were conducted in Sept by LRC and ITT (Instructional Technology & Training). New version of Moodle was introduced on campus this semester and the general layout, design, navigation, and added features were introduced in the workshops.

In the end of this semester, LRC is planning to upgrade operation system in LRC computers to Windows 7. The upgrade will be taken place over the winter break.

Also Spring semester, there will be a workshop by LRC and ITT focusing on ‘how to integrate audio component in Moodle’. The workshop overviews the possibility of variety of audio-integrated activities and provide the tips and criteria of which Moodle tool would be effective for a particular activity.

Userful Resources

France-Amérique  http://www.france-amerique.com/
France-Amerique.com, the publication’s website, provides the latest French-American headline news, exclusive interviews of French-American leaders, an insider’s look at French cultural and community life in the U.S., and practical information for French people and other French speakers living in the U.S.  Also, you can subscribe to a weekly French e-Newsletter for a weekly summary of the top French-American headlines, the latest French cultural news and releases in the U.S., and a selection of French events in the U.S.

The Alba Learning website http://albalearning.com/audiolibros/textosparalelos.html
The Alba Learning website has lots of digitized translations of books into English, Spanish, and French. You can also find parallel texts - with two languages side-by-side. Available at http://albalearning.com/audiolibros/textosparalelos.html

Realia from Europe - http://www.ielanguages.com/realia

U of Tezas Austin - LAITS http://www.utexas.edu/cola/laits/  

Chinese Flagship - Western Kentucky University http://www.wku.edu/chineseflagship/lang_tools.php

Aldeen Foundation - http://www.aldeenfoundation.org/usefulresources.php

New York Times in Chinese http://cn.nytimes.com/

100 Excellent Language Lessons on You Tube http://www.associatesdegree.com/2009/06/08/100-excellent-language-lessons-on-you-tube/

*Some of the resources came from the InterCom, which is a free information service provided by the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) at the University of Oregon (http://casls.uoregon.edu/pages/tools/intercom.php).



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