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You are always welcome to stop by the LRC and talk with us in person. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please fill out our feedback form.

Betsy Lavolette
Director of the Language Resource Center and Lecturer, Language Resource Center

LRC Student Staff

Edward Dame

Hello! Konnichiwa! My name is Edward Dame and I'm a junior majoring in Japanese Studies and Psychology. I spent last semester studying abroad in Osaka, Japan. My hobbies include reading, studying Eastern religion, and of course learning language! I hope to begin learning Chinese soon as well after increasing my Japanese proficiency a bit more.

Maggie Gong

Hello! Ni hao! My name is Maggie Gong and I'm a senior majoring in Economics and Cinema&Media Studies. I spent last semester studying abroad in London, England. I like traveling, reading books, watching films, and learning different languages! I can speak Chinese, English, Japanese, and a little bit Spanish.

Elvis Lau

Hello! Konnichiwa! My name is Elvis Lau and I am a Sophomore majoring in Japanese Studies and Computer Science. I really enjoy learning languages. I started learning Japanese on my own three years ago. I hope to be able to learn more languages in the future, like French, Mandarin, and Korean.

Angela Pegarella

Hola! Salut! Oi! My name is Angela and I am a senior majoring in Spanish and French. Last school year, I spent the whole year abroad in Spain and France. When I am not doing something language-related, I am making and editing videos, dancing, and writing.

Isabella Rosedietcher

Hi! My name is Isabella and I am a junior English major with a concentration in writing and a minor in Education. Although I am not fluent in any languages besides English, my mom’s side of the family is from Brazil so I grew up with Portuguese, spent summer 2013 in Germany, and grew up in New York City, a cultural hub! I love learning more about other cultures, and in my free time I like to nap and watch The Food Network.

Beth Vandersall

Hello! Salut! My name is Beth and I am a sophomore majoring in French and Globalization Studies. I’m excited to work at the LRC and help students learn languages. When I’m not at the LRC, you might find me at Schmucker practicing cello as I am in the Gettysburg College orchestra. Otherwise, I enjoy spending time with friends on campus, reading, or playing video games in my room.