LRC Staff

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Betsy Lavolette
Director of the Language Resource Center and Lecturer, Language Resource Center

LRC Student Staff

Hannah Harder

Salut! My name is Hannah and I am a sophomore music major. I enjoy the French language because it helps me with music. More specifically, my obsession with romantic and 20th century French composers. Aside from languages, I also have an affinity for international foods that range from pickled herring to the much spicier nasi goreng.

Sara Mater

Marhaban! My name is Sara Mater, and I am a senior Biology major with a Chemistry minor. I serve as an Arabic PLA for students taking introductory Arabic, and I am also an executive board member of Smart Woman Securities, an investment organization on campus. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, trying new foods, and doing anything outdoors related!

Melissa Menna

Ciao! My name is Melissa and I am a sophomore psychology major and neuroscience and Italian minor. I have found that studying a second language can be extremely beneficial to students because it teaches you unique academic skills. In my free time, I enjoy baking and learning about food.

Rachel Wigmore

Guten tag! My name is Rachel Wigmore and I'm a sophomore biology major with a German minor. In addition to working at the LRC, I'm involved in biological research and am the secretary of German club. I plan to study abroad in Berlin during my junior year and enjoy reading, writing and petting the adorable dogs we have on campus.

Yazhi Zhang

Chinese greetingMy name is Yazhi Zhang, and I started work for LRC in Fall, 2015. I am a sophomore with both Economics and Political Science majors. I enjoy learning new languages because it makes me feel smarter. I can speak English and Chinese well, and not so well in German or Spanish ( but still can talk a little). I also like cooking, and I am great at making Wontons. I am learning to cook more international food now.