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Front desk

Front desk

Welcome to the LRC! We are located in 107 Breidenbaugh Hall.

Drop-in spaceDrop-in area

Do you want to hang out with other students learning a language? This is the place! Come do your homework, play board games, meet with your classmates, and get tutoring, all while sitting in comfy chairs and drinking tea. Did we mention that we have candy?

You can use the big screen TV to project the group presentation you're working on, write on the rolling whiteboards, or just use one of the PCs or iPads. Need privacy to record your voice or Skype with a native speaker of the language you're learning? Camp out in our small library with the door closed!

103 Breidenbaugh

The Language Resource Center manages one computer classroom, 103 Breidenbaugh. It has 20 student computers and 1 teacher computer. These computers contain the same language materials and software as the ones in the LRC drop-in area.

Computer Classroom


  • AV podium
  • 20 desktop computers
  • Microphones and headphones
  • Webcams available on request
  • Adequate desk space for paper materials

Example usages

  • Technology training
  • Individualized practice during class time
  • Individual and small group projects
  • Individual close listening
  • Listening and recording
  • Composition
  • Computer mediated communication (chat or video chat)

LRC Library

LRC Library

  • Books for pleasure reading and reference in many languages.
  • Board and card games in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish, plus games you can play in any language.
  • See the full catalog.

Are you working on a language class project?

  • Use our space and technology to collaborate with your group.
  • Get technical help from the LRC staff.
  • All LRC staff members have language skills - check our name tags to find out which languages we speak.
  • Meet with a language assistant or PLA for your language.
  • Check out a digital video camera and learn how to use it.
  • Check out a tripod and mount for your smartphone.