Instructions for the CGE Application

Using the link provided to you in the email sent by CGE, you will be taken directly to the CGE ADVISOR/COURSE APPROVAL site. Please log-in to Faculty Center via Peoplesoft with your regular username and password. When you have entered the site, please click on SEARCH. You will see a list of students and you can sort this list in a variety of ways:

  • Click on NAME to sort the list alphabetically to find the specific student whose request you have just received.
  • Click on APPROVAL DATE to bring to the top of the list ALL the students who have not yet been approved.
  • Click on TERM to find students who are studying abroad in a particular term.
  • Click on DESCRIPTION to find all the students who are participating in a particular program.

Once you have found the student you want, click on their name to enter their application. You will see three distinct tabs: PROGRAM INFO, ESSAY, COURSE APPROVAL FORM.

The Program Info. tab gives you access to information about the student and a photo. This is also for your information only - no action needs to be taken by you on this tab. The Essay tab gives you access to the student's application essay, which is also just for your information.

The Course Approval Form gives you access to the courses that the student has submitted for review. You will be able to see all the courses that the student is considering taking, and are in the process of being approved for credit by the various academic departments and/or the Registrar. You can re-enter the student's application at any point to see which courses have been approved.  Feel free to contact your advisee if you have questions or concerns.

Your decision should be recorded in the DEPARTMENT APPROVAL section. You should write something on the COMMENTS FOR REGISTER line so the Registrar knows if the course has been approved and how it will apply to the student's major/minor. You can also choose to write something in the COMMENTS FOR STUDENT line if you wish to make a note to the student about the course. Please make these notes before checking YES or NO regarding the approval.

Once you have finished, please hit SAVE at the bottom of the page. This automatically sends your response to the student. The Registrar¹s Office will also have access to this information as well as the Center for Global Education.