Although students receive the AIRFARE ALLOWANCE CREDIT to defray the cost of travel, they must book and pay for their airfare ahead of time. The following websites are a good place to start looking for reasonably priced airfares.

Please remember that students should be booking roundtrip tickets, not one-way departures and returns.

Student Universe


Gettysburg College gives flight credits to students based on the region they are travelling to:

Estimated Airfare Allowance Credit

***Note that students studying for two semesters abroad will only receive a flight credit for the first semester.

United States (including programs with short term international components) $0
Mexico and Central America $500
Europe $750
South America (except Brazil, Chile, and Argentina) $750
Brazil, Chile, and Argentina $1,000
Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Rim $1,000
N. Africa, S. Africa, and the Middle East $1,000
Sub-saharan Africa (except South Africa) $1,250

When Paid: Prior to departure.

How Paid: Paid by you directly. The pre-determined flight credit will appear on your Student Account after you depart for your program.

Please remember that flights which are part of domestic global study programs are not covered by Gettysburg.