Although students receive the AIRFARE ALLOWANCE CREDIT to defray the cost of travel, they must book and pay for their airfare ahead of time. The following websites are a good place to start looking for reasonably priced airfares.

Please remember that students should be booking roundtrip tickets, not one-way departures and returns.

Student Universe


Gettysburg College gives flight credits to students based on the region they are travelling to:

Estimated Airfare Allowance Credit

***Note that students studying for a full academic year at the same program or two discrete semesters in the same country will only receive one flight credit.

United States (including programs with short term international components) $0
Mexico and Central America $500
Europe $750
South America (except Brazil, Chile, and Argentina) $750
Brazil, Chile, and Argentina $1,250
Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Rim $1,250
Africa and the Middle East $1,500

When Paid: Prior to departure.

How Paid: Paid by you directly. The pre-determined flight credit will appear on your Student Account after you depart for your program.

Please remember that flights which are part of domestic off-campus programs are not covered by Gettysburg.