Adrienne EllisStudy abroad program, location and semester:

SIT Australia: Sustainability and Environmental Action in Byron Bay, Fall 2012



Environmental Studies; Writing Minor



Berea, Ohio


Faculty Mentor: Randy Wilson

Randy Wilson is an Environmental Studies professor who focuses on public land management.  Upon my return from Australia, he has helped me interpret what I learned in Australia and find new ways to travel.  I recently went to Colorado with him and 6 other students for an Environmental Studies class on Cultural Geography and am currently working on a senior project with him at the Gettysburg National Military Park.


Favorite abroad experience:

During my 5-week independent study project period, I lived in a backpacker's lodge in a tiny town in northern Queensland, in rainforest country. One of the friends I made while I was there took me on a 4 mile hike up to the top of the 2nd highest waterfall in the country- Windin Falls. It was one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen and we were completely alone with the sound of rainforest birds and rushing water. I'll never forget it.


Why I joined GLGC:

I realized when I got back that although I was glad to be home, I had even more of an urge to travel and wanted to be able to talk to other people about their experiences abroad as well as my own. I also really wanted to inspire others to go abroad, because I think it's an experience every college student should have.


I’m A Source For:

International Politics; LGBTQ Rights Globally; Sustainable Development, ALLies; Campus Activities Board; Dance Ensemble; Concert Choir