Study abroad location and semester:

Copenhagen, Denmark; Fall 2012


Health Science Major; Business Minor


Jefferson, MD


Faculty Mentor: David Petrie

David Petrie is a professor who works exclusively with labs in the health science department.  He never fails to help me develop a true understanding of the knowledge presented and practiced in the labs I take with him.  As his advisee, I meet with him regularly to casually discuss the opportunities open to me for the future.  His advice keeps me moving forward in my continual exploration of potential career possibilities and goals.

Favorite abroad experience:

 Living with a host family was definitely one of the best experiences of studying abroad. I really enjoyed learning about the Danish culture and having a host family allowed me to live like a Dane and get the most out of my time abroad. Not to mention I now have a wonderful second family to go back and visit.  I also really enjoyed exploring the Norwegian fjords and traveling on my own.  It really opened my eyes to how big the world is and all that it has to offer if you are willing to seek it.

Why I joined GLGC:

I joined GLGC because I didn't want my abroad experience to end when I came back to Gettysburg College. It has really widened my perspective of the world and made me a better citizen. I want to help other students understand what an amazing opportunity they have to get out and see the world. There is so much knowledge out there just waiting for us to learn it.

I’m A Source For:

Pre-Health Club, Disciple Makers Christian Fellowship, Student Paper