Anna Lipowitz

Study abroad location and semester

Milan, Spring 2013


Music Performance, Minor: Italian Studies


Ardmore, PA

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Sasnett was my advisor and vocal coach during my first two years at Gettysburg College. She inspired me   to switch my degree to Bachelor of Music, which prompted me to choose a study abroad country that offered an established music program. After studying Italian for  two years, I knew I wanted to travel to Italy and expand my foreign language skills. A Gettysburg College alumna, and fellow member of the Gettysburg College Choir, told me about her experience in Milan, Italy. Following this conversation, I knew IES Milan was the perfect program for me.

Why I joined the GLGC

I had a wonderful experience abroad and I love sharing my adventures with others. I want to encourage students to travel abroad because it is the opportunity of a lifetime. I adapted to an entirely new culture, which is an incredible accomplishment. After I studied abroad in Italy, I returned to the United States as a confident, independent, and mature young woman. 

I'm a Source For

Sunderman Student Advisory Council, Gettysburg College Choir, IES Milan Student Ambassador and Concert Stage Manager for the Sunderman Conservatory of Music.