Anna Neff


Study abroad location and semester:

IFSA-Butler: Cairns, Queensland Australia; Fall 2012


Biology with a Concentration in Health Sciences


Quarryville, PA

Favorite abroad experience:

My favorite experience abroad was scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Under the crystal clear blue water was one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. The different colors and types of coral and marine life were so miraculous in that I’ve never seen anything quite like it. While submerged, I was able to hold different species of sea cucumbers, view hundreds of fish and coral species, two sea turtles, giant clams (which was my favorite species that I had learned about in my tropical marine ecosystems class), and even a blacktip reef shark!

Faculty Mentor: Véronique Delesalle

Dr. Véronique Delesalle is the head of the Biology Department who focuses on evolutionary biology and who is also my advisor. She really encouraged me to study in Australia, specifically Cairns which is only a short boat ride from the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, in order to expand my biological knowledge.

Why I joined GLGC:

I joined GLGC in order to share all of the remarkable knowledge, experiences, and lessons that I obtained while studying in the land down under. When back home, it was hard to convey just how amazing and life-changing my experiences really were without my friends and family getting tired of my sentences always starting with, “when I was in Australia…” The GLGC program has allowed me to put my knowledge and encounters to good use by talking to and helping prospective study abroad students, as well as applying my abroad studies with my studies here at home at Gettysburg College.

Plans after graduation:

After graduation, I plan on attending optometry school to eventually become a doctor of optometry.

I’m A Source For:

Pre-Health Professions