Bridget Sweeney


Bridget Sweeney

Class Year



English major, Studio Art minor

Faculty Mentor

Mark Warwick was a Gettysburg College faculty member who played a large role in my study abroad experience. Mark not only served as my advisor here at Gettysburg College and encouraged me to study abroad but he even accompanied me on my adventure. Ironically enough the semester I decided to take study abroad Mark took a sabbatical and we ended up both studying art at the Marchutz School of Fine Arts. I studied as a student and he worked alongside the class as a visiting fellow.

Campus Activities

I can serve as a resource for both students in the Art and English department who are interested in studying abroad. Here on campus I am involved with both student senate and the Panhellenic Council and can reach a wide variety of students through my various outlets.

Abroad Location and Semester

IAU College: Marchutz School of Fine Arts, Aix-en-Provence France, Fall 2013

Why I joined the GLGC

I am interested in being a part of GLGC because I feel that I have had a unique and enriching experience and am now looking for a way to actively apply what I have learned during my time in France to my daily life here at Gettysburg College and beyond.