Christopher J. Dellana


Study abroad program, location and semester:

IES Salamanca, Spain – Fall 2012



Globalization Studies: Healthcare policy and Spanish Linguistics/Philosophy minor



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Favorite abroad experience:

In Spain, I had the privilege of working 10 hours a week with the regional Red Cross headquarters.  I was able to travel to various other towns under the purview of the facility in Salamanca.  I was tasked with undertaking the complete redesign of the “Plan de Desarrollo Local 2012” (Local Development Plan 2012) for the year 2013.  The interviews with NGO representatives throughout the community and research I conducted was enlightening in that it demonstrated to me how intricate the web of social/healthcare services was despite Spain’s medical model following the continental paradigm of the rest of Europe in providing “free” healthcare to all people (even non-citizens).  The importance of the unique perspective on healthcare that I gained as a result of my experiential education abroad can scarcely be overstated.


Why I joined GLGC:

I want to share my excitement for other students who are either on the precipice of taking the best step in their college career or help those returning synthesize their variety of experiences


I’m A Source For:

Residence Life, Center for Public Service, Sigma Delta Pi: Spanish Honor Society, Alpha Phi Omega, Center for Career Development (Siegfried Fellowships), and Ultimate Frisbee