Dayna Seeger


Dayna Seeger

Class Year



Health Sciences major, Writing minor

Faculty Advisor

John Regentin. John was the co-instructor of my First Year Seminar. I didn't see him often after my first semester ended, but I passed his office during the beginning of my sophomore year and stopped to catch up. He asked me if I was studying abroad and I told him that no, I wouldn’t be, because I thought I was too much of a homebody. He immediately told me that he was extremely disappointed to hear that, because he thought that if anyone had the ability to learn from studying abroad, it was me. He urged me to reconsider my decision and listed reason after reason that I should change my mind. John’s encouragement pushed me to think critically about my decision to study abroad. He gave me confidence to take a leap and try something that terrified me, and my conversation with him was what ultimately led to my decision to apply to the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

Campus Activities

Center for Public Service, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Office of Admissions, Tour Guiding

Study Abroad Location and Semester

DIS Copenhagen, Denmark

Why I Joined the GLGC

I came back from Copenhagen just over a month ago and I already miss it terribly. I was hesitant to study abroad, but it was absolutely the best decision of my college career. Studying abroad changed my life, my personality, and how I see the world. I feel so lucky to have been able to study abroad, and I don’t want to fall short of taking advantage of every aspect of that experience. GLGC seems like an opportunity to integrate my experiences abroad into the rest of my time at Gettysburg. I hope to be a part of GLGC so that I can share my experiences with and learn from others, as well as continue the mental and reflective growth that started while I was abroad.