Study abroad location and semester:

SIT Nepal: Development and Social Change Fall '12


Religious Studies Major; Peace & Justice Studies and Education Minors


Lincoln, MA

Faculty Mentor: Professor Megan Sijapati

Professor Sijapati is the reason I studied to Nepal.  When taking my first religious studies class with her on the religions of South Asia, I decided that I definitely wanted to study abroad somewhere in South Asia.   I was initially set on going to India, but after hearing about Professor Sijapati’s undergraduate study abroad and later research experiences in Nepal, I decided that Nepal was where I wanted to go.  When preparing to go to Nepal, she was incredibly helpful with tips about cultural norms and things to expect.  And, upon returning, it was amazing to be able to sit down and reflect with someone who knew the areas where I had spent time.  She has also been an incredible resource as I prepare to write my senior thesis and incorporate the research that I completed while I was in Nepal.

Favorite abroad experience:

My favorite abroad experience was celebrating Tihar (Diwali- the festival of lights) with my homestay family. My family dressed me up in traditional Newari (their caste) dress and gave me Hindu blessings for the year.  We spent hours preparing and decorating the house for the celebration and then ate and danced for hours into the night.  It was so much fun to be included as a member of the family and celebrate such a special and festive occasion with my whole extended host family.

Why I joined GLGC:

If given the choice, I would have never left Nepal.  I joined GLGC because my abroad experience taught me so much about myself and what I want to do with my future.  I wanted to be able to share my experience with others who have returned from abroad as well as those considering study abroad.  I think studying abroad is a vital learning tool for all college students.

I’m A Source For

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Center for Public Service, SIT Study Abroad (employed by them to market and recruit for programs on Gettysburg College Campus), Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Concert Choir, Dance Ensemble