Emily Byron in Denmark

Study abroad location and semester:

Copenhagen, Denmark; Fall 2011


Globalization Studies; Philosophy and Religious Studies


Danville, PA

Favorite abroad experience:

My favorite experience abroad was Yul, the Danish Christmas! My study abroad program put together a Danish Christmas lunch with traditional Danish cuisine, music, and games. All of the host families were invited to celebrate with their host students. I helped my host dad make a delicious pork tenderloin dish that disappeared instantly. The best part of the celebration was a game that involved creating a Conga line (of 400+ people) and running as fast as you can around the huge gymnasium, while singing Christmas songs. What a rush!

Why I joined GLGC:

I joined GLGC because, when I arrived back on campus, I didn't know how to put to use all of the amazing lessons, knowledge, and experiences I had while I was abroad. I also needed an outlet to talk about my awesome experiences without people getting annoyed from hearing the same stories time and again. GLGC has allowed me to focus my energies on helping prospective study abroad students, furthering my abroad studies in my campus studies, and providing a unique resource to my extracurricular activities.

Plans after graduation:

After graduation, I plan to go back to Denmark! My study abroad program has a one-year internship during which I can act as a student assistant to my professors abroad and help with the volunteer program. Looking further, I would like to work for a research center in DC with a focus on religion in the contemporary world. And looking further into the future, I want to travel again. I'd like to revisit my favorite places in Europe as well as explore new continents!