Class Year:



French and Education Majors


IES Abroad Nantes, Spring 2012

Faculty Mentor:

Kaoru Miyazawa

Why I Joined the GLGC:

I am a strong advocate for going abroad in deeply immersive environments, becoming fluent in at least one additional language, and encouraging cultural diversity. I want to encourage students to go abroad and experience another way of life and expose themselves to different political cultures, ways of thinking, religions, and personal ideologies. My time at Gettysburg has been immensely improved by my time abroad; not only did I expand my ideas about human nature, global political culture, and world languages, but I brought these ideas back with me to Gettysburg, which has made my college experience far more enjoyable. After going abroad, I have become increasingly interested in cultural hybridity and hope to embark on a research project during graduate school concerning cultural duality.