Jen Caplan

Study Abroad Location and Semester

Copenhagen, Denmark in Spring 2013


Environmental Studies & International Affairs

Why I Joined the GLGC

I feel that my study abroad experience was invaluable to be not only as a student but as a young adult. My experience last semester changed my life. I am most interested in mentoring other students that are considering an international experience. I feel strongly that each student at Gettysburg should at least consider studying abroad if it is at all possible. The introduction to new cultures and the shared experiences with other students has expanded my knowledge and appreciation of other people and cultures. We are now living in a global environment, all connected electronically and it is crucial that we start to understand each other to ensure a peaceful and productive future.

I'm a Source For:

Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity Historian, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, LIU Tutor (CPS), Garthwait Leadership Summit