Kelly Hagerty

Study abroad location and semester

Bath, England Spring 2013



English Major with a Writing Concentration; Religious Studies Minor



Wayne, PA


Faculty Mentor

Professor Buz Myers. I heard wonderful things about Buz from one of my good friends, Molly Walsh, and decided to take his New Testament Course during my Junior Fall, the semester before I studied abroad. His class was phenomenal, and his demeanor was welcoming and encouraging. I found myself talking to him about all of my interests, and I knew he was genuinely curious. Although he laughed when I mentioned my passion for the Titanic, he encouraged me to apply for the Mellon Summer Scholars program, and thus one of my dreams came true. This past summer I researched the Altered Perceptions of God in response to the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic, and that never would have happened without Buz. To this day he continues to encourage me and honestly wants what's best for me. 


Why you joined the GLGC

After years of waiting, I finally was able to study abroad in Bath, England during my Junior Spring. In one weekend I visited the four places Jane Austen lived, met J.K. Rowling, and traveled to Belfast, Ireland where the Titanic was built. That was one weekend out of four months of singular experiences. I didn't want the semester to end, but when it did I wanted to find a place to talk about my experiences and hear about other's similar stories and their travel abroad experiences. GLGC is the perfect way to do this, and it allows me to continue my cultural education. England wasn't the most exotic place to study abroad, and I'm grateful for the chance to learn about all of the wonderful places my fellow classmates visited and even lived in. 


I'm a Source For

Bullets Marching Band Color Guard, Alpha Phi Omega, Tour Guide, The Gettysburg Review Office Employee, Upper Adams School Tutoring Program, Senior Class Gift Campaign, Omicron Delta Kappa.