Kristen EmersonStudy abroad location and semester:

Florence, Italy, Fall 2012




Westwood, MA

Favorite abroad experience:

My host mom – or grandmother as she considered herself. By the end of the semester, she told us she considered us part of her family. Otherwise, living in a city and speaking a different language all the time was as amazing as it was scary. And every trip I took, especially to Cinque Terre - I was excited that I got to go to a beach while abroad!  

Why I joined GLGC:

I loved being abroad, and I wanted to keep some connection to it while back at Gettysburg. I especially love talking about it with both people who went with me and those who will be going soon, and talking about it with people who went somewhere else - and hearing their experiences as well. The urge to travel is even stronger after having done it for four months, and I’d like to hear about as much of the world as I can, even if I am unable to see it.

Faculty Mentor:

Professor Birkner and I share the same interest in twentieth century United States history, and he has been a fantastic resource for the expansion of my interest into other countries during that era. He was very encouraging of the opportunity to go abroad, and is always available to talk about it, especially since he is also well traveled. 

I'm A Source For:

Upscale, Elementary Tutoring, WWII Europe/US