Study Abroad Location and Semester

Copenhagen Denmark, Spring 2013



Why I joined GLGC:

I am interested in being a part of the GLGC because I want to share my amazing experiences abroad with the rest of the Gettysburg community. I have grown so much while studying abroad and I believe other students could learn from my experiences.

Faculty Mentor:

While Professor Potuchek might not have been the reason that I studied abroad, she definitely was the one who made it happen. When selecting my courses to study to Copenhagen, she advised me to take classes that interested me and that I could not take at Gettysburg. By encouraging me to do that, I   acquired a vast amount of new interests and hobbies. She also helped me set up my courses for my return to the Gettysburg community. This made returning to campus a non stressful and easy transition.


I'm a Source For

Women's Soccer team, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority