Study abroad location and semester:

Copenhagen, Denmark; Fall 2012


English with a Writing Concentration


Westfield, NJ

Favorite abroad experience:

My favorite experience was being abroad for the presidential election. The Danes were all really interested in American politics, and everyone wanted to hear my opinion. They held an all-night event (because of the time difference) at one of the cafés when the results were announced, and the race was the only thing people talked about for weeks before. It was such a different perspective to hear how Europeans felt about the way we run our country.

Why I joined GLGC:

I joined GLGC because I wanted a network of people to share my stories with and relate to about all the new things we experienced far away from home. I didn’t want to lose the global mindset I’d grown into while I was in Denmark, and GLGC helps me apply everything I’ve learned back to life at Gettysburg.  I was also really excited about the opportunity that the college gives us to take a semester or two to go abroad, and I want to encourage everyone to try it out!

Plans after graduation:

After graduation, I’d like to use my English degree to go into some kind of industry with a writing or journalism component. I want to travel more, both to other countries and to the rest of the United States. I also hope to revisit my Danish host family someday, as well as some of the friends I made on my program!